Westfield area dentist offers quality in-office teeth whitening services

A bright smile indicates a healthy smile, right? Not exactly, but everyone perceives a healthy smile as one that looks great, too. It is not unusual for Dr. Thomas Streko of the Westfield, New Jersey area to see patients in his practice who are ready to rejuvenate their smile and enjoy that Hollywood look they've always wanted to obtain. This is why he encourages patients to skip the over-the-counter whitening products at the drug store and invest in the "real deal" with Zoom in-office teeth whitening.

In-office teeth whitening with a dental professional such as Dr. Thomas Streko is the best way to get that brilliant, beautiful smile patients have always dreamed of having. Dr. Thomas Streko finds that the results of Zoom bleaching are longer-lasting and faster than the results achieved with over-the-counter products such as strips and trays. Instead of wasting money on these alternatives, patients are encouraged to invest in the beauty of their smile with professional solutions.

Zoom in-office power bleaching is done during a single appointment. Patients will have an initial examination done to see if they are right for treatment. Patients who have restorations such as veneers, bridges, and crowns may not be appropriate but can discuss the possibility of whitening their smile and updating their restorations. Patients then undergo a professional cleaning of their teeth to remove plaque and tartar which may skew the results. After this, the process begins, and patients will see a brand new smile in less than an hour. Some patients even schedule their whitening visits during extended lunch breaks from work so they can get back to their day with improved confidence!

If you live in or around the area of Westfield, New Jersey and are interested in learning about the process of whitening with the Zoom in-office power bleaching, contact the team at the practice of Dr. Thomas Streko today to book an appointment. We can consult with new and existing patients in the community who are ready to take charge of the health and beauty of their smile once and for all!