“It’s not just a smile, it’s a Streko smile!
I have never been pleased with my smile and as I approached 40, I wanted to have the smile I always dreamed I could have. Born without the teeth that sit next to my front teeth, I had a large gap. Crowns that I had inserted more than 20 years ago were now unsightly and my teeth below were decaying.

Dr. Streko’s biggest obstacle was that he had a great deal of space to deal with and I didn’t want to wear braces to pull the teeth together. My initial consultation consisted of both a high-tech video exam and a series of molds, in addition to an in-depth discussion with Dr. Streko on my various options.

After evaluating my options, I decided to not only replace the 2 crowns, but enhance my overall smile. I replaced the existing 2 crowns, placing 2 new crowns next to those, and then had veneers placed on 4 other teeth. The process was pain free and was concluded over a series of several visits. To this day, I have no idea how Dr. Streko was able to create my new smile with so many obstacles.”

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