If you get frequent headaches, ear pain, neck pain, or if you find yourself grinding your teeth, make an appointment today to check for TMJ disorder.

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"I saw a video of myself back in 1990. I was so amazed at the change Dr. Streko has made in my life. My teeth are wonderful. I don’t have to feel embarrassed. I feel proud and confident when I smile. Dr. Streko has made a world of difference in my life. Thanks, Dr. Streko."

Elizabeth H.

Relieve jaw pain, headaches, and more with non-invasive TMJ treatment in Westfield

One of the problems that your dentist is skilled at recognizing and treating is TMJ disorder. This condition is sometimes difficult to identify because the symptoms associated with TMJ disorder may be attributed to some other cause. In addition, due to symptoms such as head and neck pain or ear pain, TMJ disorder is often not immediately recognized.

All around the face and head are muscles, ligaments, and nerves, which are used to complete a variety of functions. The specifics of these and other oral structures, including the temporomandibular joint, are determined by our genetic code. The length of the muscles in the jaw does not change once we have reached full development. What can change with time is the structure of teeth and bones in the head, face, and neck. The changes that occur in these areas may clash with the natural length of muscles in the jaw in a state of imbalance in the facial structure. This imbalance results in a domino effect in which excessive wear on teeth occurs and undue stress is placed on the joints. The result of this dysfunction may be chronic headaches and other discomfort.

Our job as experienced dentists is to think about the neuromuscular system in the face and head of the affected patient. When we notice that teeth at the back of the mouth seem worn, we will look for additional signs of TMJ dysfunction. By identifying this problem, we are able to address the cause of dysfunction, solving the root problem of uncomfortable symptoms and improving the patient’s quality of life.

TMJ treatment in our Westfield, NJ dental office is based on the data gathered in a thorough assessment. In most cases, this chronic problem can be addressed without surgical intervention, reaching the desired outcome through personalized treatment planning and innovative procedures.

Dr. Streko and Dr. O’Connell have decades of experience and familiarity with neuromuscular dentistry for the effective treatment of TMJ disorder. For more information on TMJ or to schedule an evaluation and consultation in our office, call 908-654-0095. We are happy to help you keep your smile healthy.

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