We know that nervousness about the dental visit can keep a patient from seeking much needed care. We offer three levels of sedation dentistry tailored to you!

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"Since I had a full mouth makeover by Dr. Streko, I have received more compliments on my smile than I could imagine. Strangers, as well as old friends and family never seem to lose an opportunity to acknowledge the positive effect my new, bright smile has on my appearance. Thanks to Dr. Streko and the staff who all had a part in this worthwhile process."

Joan C.

Relaxing dental treatment can be a reality with sedation dentistry in Westfield, NJ

Very few people really look forward to seeing the dentist. Dr. Streko and his team would rather operate from a place of understanding than believe that dental care will be sought even when dental anxiety exists. In our practice, patients from Westfield and surrounding areas such as Scotch Plains and Cranford, among others, have the opportunity to receive the highest possible level of dental care. In addition to providing personalized care that begins at the very first appointment, we offer assistance in the area of relaxation with sedation dentistry services.

The use of sedation in dentistry can mean the difference between a healthy smile and disease. We offer various forms of sedation in order to meet the needs of different patients. Whether you experience slight tension during dental visits due to a strong gag reflex or you have avoided seeing the dentist for years and your smile is in need of extensive care, we have a method of sedation that will allow you to relax during treatment. In many cases, the use of sedation will even leave a patient with no memory of their visit. They will remember coming in and remember going home, but what happens in between will be beautifully fuzzy.

Sedation tailored to your needs

Sedation may come in one of various forms. Patients of our Westfield, NJ dental practice may choose to relax with nitrous oxide, oral sedation, or deep sedation services performed by a licensed, experienced anesthesiologist.

Nitrous oxide is one of the oldest forms of sedation used in medicine and dentistry. For some time, nitrous oxide, also called "happy gas," was reserved for oral surgery procedures. Today, this and other types of sedation can be used for whatever type of treatment you find difficult. Inhaled through a mask that fits comfortably over the nose, nitrous very quickly dulls the senses and gives the patient an extreme sense of wellbeing. Some describe the feeling as calmly euphoric. One of the benefits of nitrous oxide over other sedation services is that the effects disappear so quickly that you can drive safely after your treatment.

Oral conscious sedation is a popular service as well. When this is the chosen method, a prescription for a low dose of a safe sedative such as valium will be provided. Medication is taken about an hour before your visit, and you can face dental care with confidence and ease.

Each type of sedation works in the same way: suppressing the central nervous system so that, while you know what is going on around you, you simply don't care. In the safety and comfort of our office, your smile can receive the care needed for comfort, functionality, and beauty.

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