Dr. Streko is experienced with dental implants, the method of safely and securely replacing lost teeth without causing bone loss that most dentists approve.

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"My experience at Dr. Streko's office has been amazing. It is such an emotional issue addressing my personal appearance. With Dr. Streko, the feeling was subdued by his gentle nature and the kindness of his staff. It has been wonderful and I am very grateful to have found such wonderful people to care for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Alicia B.

Restore beauty and function with dental implants in Westfield

Mankind has attempted to find solutions for tooth loss since ancient civilization. Today, it seems as though ages of development have paid off. Dental implants are regarded by many as a miracle in dentistry. What they really are is the innovation of hard work and consideration of the natural oral anatomy. With this level of treatment, we have seen lives changed.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are tiny posts made of biologically friendly titanium material. These posts are inserted into the jawbone in a straightforward procedure performed by an experienced dental professional. As individual prosthetics, implants can replace a single tooth. This treatment is versatile enough, however, to also restore beauty and function when no natural teeth remain. In our Westfield dental practice, we conduct the implant process with attention to all the little details that count. Care is designed around the individual and his or her exact needs, taking into account the current condition of bone tissue as well as general oral health.

Why dental implants?

The insertion of the dental implant into healthy bone tissue accomplishes what no other tooth replacement can do. An implant essentially replaces the missing tooth root, achieving the greatest amount of stability by mimicking what nature intended. By replacing the root with an implant and topping that prosthetic with a customized crown, bridge, or denture designed by a dentist with hundreds of hours of training and decades of experience, you are able to restore full function to your smile while preserving your facial contours.

Dental treatment may not seem to have anything to do with the appearance of the face. That is, until you look at a person who has no natural teeth left or who has worn dentures for several years. What has been learned through research is that the bone tissue of the jaw needs teeth and roots as much as teeth and roots need the bone. While the jawbone stabilizes teeth, the teeth send stimulation through roots into the bone tissue, keeping it healthy for life. When teeth and roots are absent, the lack of stimulation causes bone tissue to break down. The subsequent effect is the sinking in of facial features.

In addition to supporting the face, implants provide the clear benefit of confident functionality. Fully stabilized just like natural teeth, implants allow you to maintain your healthy eating habits and to smile and hold a conversation without worry that teeth will slide out of place.

Dental implants are suitable for most people. To learn if this treatment is right for you, call 908-654-0095.

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