Your Sedation Dentist in Westfield makes Dental visits more pleasant

For some time, sedation services were not considered a necessity in dentistry. Though often used in medical procedures, sedative medications were only included in complex dental treatments such as multiple tooth extractions. As more research has been done in the area of dentistry, dental professionals have become aware of their patients apprehension related to various types of care. For some, dental anxiety is so intense that even routine check-ups and cleanings seem extremely frightening.

In the office of Dr. Thomas Streko, patients have the opportunity to work with an experienced sedation dentist who has treated many patients in the Westfield area in the least stressful manner. Our dentist understands their fears and takes steps to minimize the stress of treatments. Sedation may not be needed by every patient, but those who have avoided dental care or who have endured undue stress related to dentistry can feel good about professional treatments when they know sedation is available to calm their nerves.

How sedation works

Dental sedation is not like general anesthesia used in many medical procedures. Sedation used in dentistry range from very mild to deep sedation, which causes the patient to sleep through a dental procedure. In our office, patients can explore their options for nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation with an experienced dentist who can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Most people benefit significantly from the use of either nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. In neither scenario will the patient necessarily sleep. At the same time, a comfortable state of relaxation is reached through the exact dosing of medication. While sedated, patients have the ability to communicate with our staff, but find that their nervousness subsides and they are even able to complete several procedures in a single visit.

When sedation is appropriate

The use of sedation is not determined by a particular type of treatment, but by the patient's level of comfort with dental care. Some people are mildly sedated for routine cleanings or common treatments such as fillings. Other people feel a bit anxious about undergoing root canal therapy or dental implant treatment and choose sedation for these procedures. The benefit of sedation dentistry is that it is geared towards the individual. Whether it is a fear of pain or difficulty sitting still, sedative medication is the solution for millions of people's dental anxieties.

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