Dentist in Fanwood area describes Invisalign orthodontics

Dr. Thomas C. Streko is a Fanwood area dentist who believes in providing his patients with a wide range of treatments to improve the health, wellness, and appearance of their smiles. Men and women can seek general, restorative, and cosmetic services through his practice. One benefit of working with this team of professionals is the availability of orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign without requiring referral to an orthodontist.

Invisalign orthodontics are a great way for patients to achieve better alignment of the natural teeth. When malocclusion is an issue, patients with mild to moderate concerns may improve their smiles with aligner tray therapy. Invisalign works by using clear trays custom-made for the patient to gently reposition the teeth. It takes approximately the same amount of time as traditional braces but is more discreet.

Invisalign aligner trays are made of clear acrylics and, when worn over the dental arch, use gentle forces to move the teeth. Patients will have a series of trays to use in achieving their desired results. The number of trays in the series will vary depending on the severity of the misalignment. Trays are worn all day and night and only removed for care of the teeth or eating. They are easy to clean, place, and remove as necessary.

A consultation appointment is the best way to determine if patients are appropriate candidates. Patients with mild to moderate malocclusion may find Invisalign to be the best way to achieve the results they are seeking. Those with more severe misalignment may still require the assistance of an orthodontist and traditional braces. By discussing the possibilities with Dr. Streko, patients can make an educated decision regarding the appropriate method for treating malocclusion.

If you reside in the Fanwood area and are interested in finding out more about repairing the smile with Invisalign orthodontics, contact the team at the practice of Dr. Thomas C. Streko today. By calling (908) 666-4334, patients can schedule a visit to learn about this treatment and determine if it is appropriate for them.

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