Dr. Thomas C Streko, dentist in NJ, describes dental implants

Dr. Thomas C. Streko of Westfield, NJ is a dedicated dentist who has committed his entire career to helping others enhance their smiles. He understands the importance of quality dental care and improvements that may have a positive impact on the appearance of the smile. Whether patients are seeking cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry, Dr. Thomas C. Streko can help.

Tooth restoration is a common aspect of dental care, but when teeth are missing or extracted, replacement is incredibly important. If patients do not have their missing teeth replaced as soon as possible, they can risk bone loss and the existing teeth shifting out of place, resulting in extra gaps that can detract from one's look. One way of replacing a single tooth is with a dental implant.

Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement. They can last a lifetime when patients take good care of them. They hold their value and function just like natural teeth because they are held in place by the bone of the jaw. There are many reasons patients often consider them when faced with tooth replacement options including bridges and dentures. While these may also be advantageous solutions, they are not suited for everyone, depending on patients' budget, insurance coverage, and lifestyles.

Dental implants do require patients to have sufficient bone structure. This is because the implant uses the bone for support and stability. Without enough bone, the dental implant can fail and may need to be replaced. This is why a series of x-rays are done before patients are considered appropriate candidates for dental implants. We want to ensure our patients will have success with their restorations and not have to deal with further issues down the road.

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