You can feel great about seeing your sedation dentist near Westfield, NJ

For much of the history of dentistry, sedation was not considered a necessary adjunct to treatment. Though such services were used for various medical treatments, sedation has tended to be offered only to dental patients undergoing complex care such as the extraction of several teeth. The more research that has been done, the better we have been able to understand the apprehension that many people feel when they visit the dentist. We know that there are millions who avoid dental care altogether due to the extent of their fear.

Dr. Thomas Streko is a dentist near Westfield, NJ patients turn to for stress-free, pain-free dental care. In our office, we have treated hundreds of cases with sedation, easing patients' tension, and creating positive dental experiences. Our team understands the fears that many of our patients have. We do not try to "talk them out of" their feelings. Instead, we respect their position and work with them to achieve optimal oral health by including the most appropriate sedation into their visits. In many cases, just knowing that sedation is available does a lot to calm their nerves.

Sedation is a safe, effective way to attend to your smile

When most people think of sedation, they imagine the effects of general anesthesia common to medical procedure. Dental sedation is extremely versatile, allowing us to cater to each individual patient. Depending on various aspects, such as the age and overall health of the patient and the type of treatment planned, Dr. Streko tailors sedation accordingly. Some patients may achieve their desired result from mild sedation, whereas other people or procedures may warrant the use of a deeper sedative. During consultation for care, the most appropriate approach is determined.

When can sedation be used?

Dental sedation is used as needed. Based on the patient's individual comfort level as it pertains to dental care and the type of treatment planned. In some cases, light sedation with nitrous oxide may be requested for routine or deep cleaning. Deeper sedation may be requested by extremely nervous patients or by those who would like to have several procedures completed in one visit. Sedation offers so many benefits that its use varies widely.

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