There are several reasons to seek implant care from an experienced dentist near 07090

For much of the past few centuries, the standard of treatment for complete tooth loss has been dentures. There has been intense focus placed on the design of dentures. While dentures today look much better and fit much better than those our grandparents wore, new techniques are showing just how antiquated dentures really are. If you want to fill embarrassing gaps in your smile, or want to experience the fullest extent of tooth replacement, investigate your options for implant care with your dentist near 07090 in New Jersey.

Various types of implant treatment have existed throughout history, though none has achieved optimal results . . . until now. The dental implants used in modern dentistry were first designed about three decades ago. Since that time, their use has expanded and their model improved. Today more patients are choosing dental implants rather than other forms of tooth replacement.


The bone loss that causes the face to collapse and age before time is stopped by dental implants. According to a study done by the MAYO Clinic, dental implants restores the youth in you, making you look 10 years younger and live on an average of 10 years longer.

Men and women of all ages want to feel good about the appearance of their smiles. Our team has treated many patients for various degrees of tooth loss and our focus on natural beauty is shown in the results.


Comfort is paramount to the tooth replacement process. At no time is this more evident than when we must replace several or all teeth. There is an enormous difference between dental implants and dentures, with the latter designed to replace tooth structure only. Implants, though used to restore natural function and appearance, also replace missing roots. Tiny cylinders, implants are situated in the jawbone. From there, implants fully support crowns, bridges, or dentures so that they do not slip or slide.

Dental implants and the appropriate restoration achieve outstanding physical comfort and function, as well as confidence and peace of mind. The lack of stability felt with dentures leads many people to avoid eating certain foods or even to avoid smiling. Implants require no adhesive because they are stabilized in bone, just like natural teeth.

It is exciting to see that tooth loss no longer has the impact it once did. With innovative technology, patients of Dr. Streko and Dr. O'Connell are finding their way back to oral health and near-natural function. Call 908-654-0095 to learn more about dental implants.