Reasons to consider Dental Implants from your Experienced Dentist in Westfield

Tooth loss is a problem that requires a prompt and suitable solution. Historically, missing teeth have been replaced with prosthetics, or false teeth, that sit on top of the gums. A bridge, partial denture, or full denture is designed to restore functionality and a nice, attractive smile. These treatment options, though worth considering, are capable of achieving only a percentage of the total needed for full confidence.

Dental implants, offered by your experienced dentist in Westfield, New Jersey, have become the ultimate standard for tooth replacement, offering a number of benefits that have previously been unavailable to those wanting smile restoration. These benefits include:
Preservation of existing tooth structure. When just one or only a few teeth require replacement, the dental bridge may seem like the ideal solution. A fixed bridge is quite secure, but it relies on the stability and durability of two healthy teeth, which must be reduced for placement of the crowns that anchor the bridge. These teeth are not only physically modified, but are then placed under extra stress having to absorb the force of chewing.

Restoration of natural appearance. We all want our smile to look like we were born with it. With dental implants and high quality restorations, the smile appears genuine and vibrant.

Restoration of natural function. Chewing should feel comfortable after missing teeth have been replaced. Floating dentures and sometimes even the dental bridge may not feel as stable and natural as we would like. Implants are tiny posts that are stabilized by the jawbone. This structure replicates the way that natural teeth are retained. The stability that is felt with implants is so close to natural teeth that patients often cannot tell the difference.

Implants require no additional care other than routine oral hygiene and consistent professional check-ups and cleanings for lifelong support.

Preservation of healthy, youthful facial contours. One of the primary problems of tooth loss, the breakdown of jawbone tissue, is solved with the insertion of dental implants. This is because implants replace roots and roots are the driving force of stimulation to bone tissue. Ensuring that stimulation continues, dental implants significantly slow the degeneration of bone in the jaw and thus keeps the lips and cheeks plump and supported.
When you change your smile, you can change your life. We love seeing the positive impact quality dental care has on the lives of our patients. Call 908-654-0095 to learn more about dental implants.

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