NJ dentist offers anti-aging treatments such as Juvéderm filler

By Dr. Thomas C Streko
At Dr. Thomas Streko's office, our services can provide you with more than a beautiful, healthy smile. We offer patients in the New Jersey area several different types of injectables to enhance their smiles and facial appearance. Hyaluronic fillers and neuromodulators are very effective tools for addressing lines and wrinkles to turn back the hands of time. At our office in Westfield, NJ, Juvéderm is a popular solution to give women and men their desired appearance.

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Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is found naturally in the body. It helps skin and joints maintain water. The body's natural production of hyaluronic acid decreases during the aging process, causing skin to lose hydration, elasticity and volume, and leaving patients with sagging skin, wrinkles, and folds. Juvéderm is a soft tissue filler that smooths lines, adds volume, and improves contours of the face.

Advantages of Juvéderm

  • Minimally invasive – Juvéderm is administered just beneath the skin with a very fine needle. No anesthesia is required and there is no risk of scarring.
  • Long lasting – The results from Juvéderm treatment last several months.
  • Predictable – Dr. Streko has years of experience in the placement of facial fillers, giving patients beautiful and natural looking results.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Streko examines your face and discusses your desired results. From there, a design process for the most effective placement of injections is mapped out. The actual treatment process for Juvéderm takes only a few minutes. Topical anesthetic is applied to minimize discomfort. Dr. Streko then uses a fine needle to inject the filler into problem areas. Results can typically be seen immediately, and with periodic touch-ups, improvement can last indefinitely.

There are very few side effects to dermal filler treatment. Some patients may notice slight redness or swelling near injection sites, but this is temporary and subsides within a few days. Patients can return to their daily activities right after their treatment, but should be careful to minimize sun exposure and use sun protection.

If you are in the Westfield, NJ area and are eager to restore youth to your face, schedule an appointment for anti-wrinkle treatment today. Call Dr. Thomas C. Streko at 908-654-0095.

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