Best ways to avoid cavities discussed by your dentist in Westfield, NJ 07090

Oral health is the basis of a beautiful smile. When cavities first develop, they are very small problems. Over time, however, the tiny cavity can cause an intense toothache. Should a cavity transform into infection, what was once a small problems could become a cause of tooth loss. Dr. Streko, Dr. O'Connell, and their experienced dental team use proven techniques, quality materials, and the latest technology to detect and treat cavities for long lasting function and comfort.

An ounce of prevention

The best way that your dentist in Westfield, NJ 07090 can help you enjoy a healthy, happy smile is to educate you on the habits that decrease harmful oral bacteria. In addition to maintaining regular dental visits as needed, our patients are encouraged to employ preventive measures such as:Take time when brushing and flossing every day. The recommended time for brushing is two full minutes, at least. Rushing this job will result in dental problems.

Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle in order to reach even small crevices on and in between teeth as well as the gumline.

Use oral care products that are recommended by your dentist to suit your unique oral health needs.

Never skip flossing! The toothbrush simply cannot reach every part of the tooth. If flossing is not performed, a significant percentage of tooth surface is not cleaned. People who don't floss tend to notice they develop cavities in hard to reach places.

Make oral care easier by choosing a toothbrush that is convenient to use. Today, there are choices for sonic toothbrushes as well as electric and manual.

Use a Waterpik or other oral irrigator as a complement to brushing. Oral irrigators are not a substitute for flossing.

For times when brushing cannot be performed after meals or snacks, carry xylitol gum. This sweetener has cavity-fighting power.

For snacks and meals, focus on naturally cleansing, nourishing foods like crunchy fruits and vegetables and those high in calcium. Fresh, whole foods are far nicer to teeth than packaged, sweetened snacks.

Choose water as your drink of choice. Sodas, energy drinks, and many juice drinks are very acidic and they will weaken enamel, making teeth more susceptible to cavities.

We view oral care as a team effort. To schedule your visit with Dr. Streko or Dr. O'Connell, call 908-654-0095.